Wednesday, 1 February 2012

..and I'm a material girl

Thanks to the recent material studies I've been partaking in, I've been able to create an amalgamation of the materials studied (with the added bonus of red plastic tubing) and flesh out one of the robots I created in the previous post!

There's also the added bonus of wood in this image, which I did the following study for:
Which has been my favorite study so far! Even through I used a different type of wood (closer to maple) for the robot legs.

Interesting note: The robot legs would actually work. The metallic balls at the top of each leg are magnetic and the larger magnets on the body of the robot can be triggered on/of and, when on, positive/negative so it creates a quick push-pull of the upper joints. These joints force the lower bend in the leg tense and lax and push the leg in and out.

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