Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Gamer Camp Nano 2012

I've been officially accepted onto Gamer Camp Nano!

It starts on the 2nd July and I really can't wait. I've handed in my notice at work, sorted through all my belongings (as I'm also moving house after the camp is finished) and got myself into a bit of a stupor over all the free time I'm going to have for art again.

Oh man.

Art art art.

It's really going to be great. I'll be a part of a small team of artists and programmers, working together to make a game to be put on the Apple App store.

We're going to be using, it seems, both Adobe Photoshop and 3DSMax. Now, 3DSMax is a lovely piece of software that I've owned for a few years now, but nothing's really given me the drive to get my head down and, well, learn how to use the damn thing.

Once I found out I'd be needing it for the course? Well...

First attempt, a wooden head:

Second attempt, a wild west outdoor scene:

Third attempt, a wild west saloon:

Complete with glass cabinets!

So overall, yes, I'm pretty damn excitable about all-things-game-art and I can't wait to rub-shoulders with the other participants in Gamer Camp this year!

Also, I here-by promise to keep up with this as a daily art blog again for the duration of Gamer Camp.

Tune in again on the 2nd July 2012 to follow my craaazy adventures in the gaming industry!
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