Thursday, 27 October 2011

Teal Waters

Feels like I havn't done a fantasy landscape in a while, so decided to churn out a mini fantasy scene.

I've been really enjoying drawing water recently, though am aware I need to work a bit more on the lighting and currents of it, particularly in a scene like this!

I'm pleased with the general shape of this piece, with the water-surrounded path leading to the sudden drop, however feel the perspective of the shot and lack of a height-comparable object, the sizes all feel a little odd. The stones making up the path are meant to be rather large, with the water on both sides of the path being close to a stream, however they feel as if they should be pebbles, making the trees feel miniature.

I really should of just used smaller stones in general to keep the sizes feeling correct, but hey, art's all a learning process!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Another sketch dump!

I don't like the last one. :<

The first piece is the original, while the others are all manipulations using the Photoshop in-built tools to give different atmospheres. In particular, inside a volcano, under water, and ghoooost wooooorld.

A quick sprite of Akali from League of Legends based on the Pokemon sprites, went with a simple background but I think it all works well! The angles of the scythes are too (exactly) parallel though, resulting in a weird balance.

The year clock.
This would not work, so hard.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

So long to the daily updates, onwards to a new era of art dumps!

As well as adding 3 more designs to my shop (UK: USA: I've been busy on my Cintiq!

Designs from the past few days:

Half an hour of animal speed sketches, there are so many horses on the site!

My first attempt at drawing a car (notice how the door couldn't open?), shortly followed by:

Less clean but more accurate!

Next, we get onto some T-Shirt designs:

A speedy piece of fan-art of Sivir (my current favorite champion over at League of Legends)

We're almost at the end now! Next up though is some Pink meets Pink Floyd~

And FINALLY, back to some realistic facial practice, this time with some emotion, as here we have Avril Lavigne crying:

And we're done! Still slowly making improvements with the work I know, on top of trying out some new things, I think everything's going pretty well!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cafepress has 1 more store

I finally got around to opening my Cafepress store today! There's only 3 designs available at the moment (the above being one of them) but I'm happy it's open at least, and should be easy to add additional designs in the future.

I generally aimed for cutesy fantasy designs with these, featuring 2 dragons and a griffon, all of which are mildly adorable~

I'll likely be adding quite a few more designs to the shop this week, so keep checking back! I won't post updates on here though unless I open a large new section~

Also, looks like I'll be drawing up a more solid contract with my volunteering work at the CAB tomorrow, so I'll have 2 definite week days put aside for art work!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The largest piece I've ever worked on

And here we have, today's piece:

A fantasy landscape that couples as being both the new wallpaper for my 2560x1440 resolution monitor, and a Christmas present for my grandparents!

I think the fading colours work well in this piece to emphasize the layers of the landscape, along with the mist along the floor of the mountains to raise the floating mountains.

I'm slightly worried about the saturation of the furthest bridge, however at the moment feel the solid triangular shape created by the linking bridges adds a lot to the image that the loss of colour to the latter bridge would take away.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Glut of images!

 I got a Cintiq 12ux yesterday, and as such here are the last few images I made on my sturdy old Bamboo! I can't guarantee all images posted from today onwards are 100% Cintiq work, however the majority should be, particularly as I'm finding it hard to tear myself away from my awesome new computer set up, all thanks to my lovely grandparents.

And finally, my first Cintiq play-around!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kim Ha Neul

Would appear I've gone back to trying out realism!

I'm still not quite trying hyper-realism (pores and all that up-close good stuff!) but I'll attempt it soon.

This is Kim Ha-Neul, an actress who, according to The Boy, looks like one of the characters in Lost. Having unfortunately missed that entire series, I can't be much of a judge of that, I'm afraid.

With this piece I chose to leave her hair, for the most part, blank. It made sense to show the general shape and structure of it, but I'm rather confident about my hair textures and, as it wasn't the point of this exercise, chose to give it a miss.

I think the skin tone came out rather well though, and I'm slowly learning what makes a face, well, a recognizable face. It's, I feel, a rather decent challenge for me as I've had trouble recognizing faces my whole life, to the point where it takes me about 2-3 times of meeting someone to even recognize that I've met them before, and far longer to put a name to a face.

A lot of it seems to be in the eye segment of the face. I say segment as I mean the entire horizontal region around the eyes, e.g. to cover up both below and above the eye area with paper. Personally, I get a much stronger idea of who a person is from this than from only viewing the nose or mouth segments.

For anyone interested, here was the image when it was halfway complete:
That's all for today!
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