Sunday, 27 March 2011

My New Blog

I'm Karen Fielding, an aspiring digital artist, and this will be my digital art blog till I get my first art job in the games industry!

As the title shows, I already have a plan on how I'm going to do this. However, at the moment, I'm still in my last 2 months of university, so while I'll still be updating this blog before we get into Summer, there won't be ~regular~ updates till the 2nd June.

From the 2nd June onwards, there will be 1 update every weekday, all as part of the plan.

Now, the plan...

June 2nd 2011 till September 1st 2011(approx.)
Weekend job to pay towards holiday (Florida, early till late September).
During the week: 5+ hours minimum per day creating 1 piece of digital art.
Each piece MUST:
Have a background..
Be challenging in some form.
Follow a colour scheme.
Be visually impressive!

During this time I'll also be looking for freelance work and potentially working on an indie game with a group of university friends.

Late September 2011 till June 2012
Full time job, visiting The Boy on weekends.
During the week: 2+ hours minimum per day on digital art.
One piece may last multiple days in this stage.

Once June 2012 rolls around, The Boy will be graduating and we'll be moving where-ever the jobs are. As he's invested in getting hired into the games industry too, we'll likely be moving to one of the game company hubs around England. And as such, this brings us around to the time limit....

This is the point I want to be hire-able at.

SO! The plan is to do very frequent updates and hopefully some freelance work, work up some contacts and references, and have an impressive portfolio by around this time next year.

Wish me luck!

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  1. i am the prospective artists parent and sponser and i intend to make sure said artist keeps her pledge ans also make sure she remembers to visit 'THE boy'
    To this end i have sacraficed my study to her art studio.
    I intend to grow old on her skills


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