Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kim Ha Neul

Would appear I've gone back to trying out realism!

I'm still not quite trying hyper-realism (pores and all that up-close good stuff!) but I'll attempt it soon.

This is Kim Ha-Neul, an actress who, according to The Boy, looks like one of the characters in Lost. Having unfortunately missed that entire series, I can't be much of a judge of that, I'm afraid.

With this piece I chose to leave her hair, for the most part, blank. It made sense to show the general shape and structure of it, but I'm rather confident about my hair textures and, as it wasn't the point of this exercise, chose to give it a miss.

I think the skin tone came out rather well though, and I'm slowly learning what makes a face, well, a recognizable face. It's, I feel, a rather decent challenge for me as I've had trouble recognizing faces my whole life, to the point where it takes me about 2-3 times of meeting someone to even recognize that I've met them before, and far longer to put a name to a face.

A lot of it seems to be in the eye segment of the face. I say segment as I mean the entire horizontal region around the eyes, e.g. to cover up both below and above the eye area with paper. Personally, I get a much stronger idea of who a person is from this than from only viewing the nose or mouth segments.

For anyone interested, here was the image when it was halfway complete:
That's all for today!

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