Thursday, 27 October 2011

Teal Waters

Feels like I havn't done a fantasy landscape in a while, so decided to churn out a mini fantasy scene.

I've been really enjoying drawing water recently, though am aware I need to work a bit more on the lighting and currents of it, particularly in a scene like this!

I'm pleased with the general shape of this piece, with the water-surrounded path leading to the sudden drop, however feel the perspective of the shot and lack of a height-comparable object, the sizes all feel a little odd. The stones making up the path are meant to be rather large, with the water on both sides of the path being close to a stream, however they feel as if they should be pebbles, making the trees feel miniature.

I really should of just used smaller stones in general to keep the sizes feeling correct, but hey, art's all a learning process!

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