Saturday, 21 May 2011

Brinky Todd

Challenge of the day: SPEED!
Completed in 30-45 minutes, in order to complete this piece I did no pre-planning and no erasing. If something was wrong, it was drawn over. Drawing straight with no line art is something I rarely do these days and I'd forgotten how fun it was. It's a good challenge, completing a part of a piece and having to compose all other parts of the image around it. No layers were used in this piece either, so any mistakes were well and truely permenant.
As such, the arms look a bit wrong. I drew them in such a way to be able to completely ignore the hands, as ill-drawn hands can ruin an image, however they appear to be at slightly the wrong angles. Also, as her torso is too short, the elbows seem to fall in the wrong place.

Overall, however, I'm glad with how this image turned out. It captured the spirit of the baker of Fleet Street, and I believe it's easily recognizable as Helena Bonham Carter from the 2007 movie.

Also, as a sneak peek of another image I'm working on:

I'll admit, I've been rather addicted to BRINK recently. I've been looking forward to it for almost 2 years now, since getting a sneak peek of it at Eurogamer. Was a tad disappointed that they'd not been able to complete all the female assets in time, however hopefully that will be patched in later. Though there WERE a lot of peasant surprises, particularly the detailed storyline available through playing the campaign and particularly from unlocking the audio logs. Being able to choose how your character sounds was also a great, unexpected advantage. Particularly as it's the first time I've seen this feature available outside of RPGs.
Being able to unlock most items within the first hour of playing through doing the challenges was a disappointment though, particularly at the easier, early challenges had more rewards than later ones.
Anyway, I could go on at length about BRINK, but as this is an art blog I'll leave it there for now. Hopefully this image will be finished by tomorrow!

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