Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Into a new dimension

It's already very early days, but it seems at every step I get a tad closer to the end of my search! I was recommended for a job in an animation studio today which, if I get the place, may start next week! As such, I've been revisiting 3DSMax and decided to re-run through the tutorials as I'd rather forgotten about many of the basics.
As such, the above dragon is what I came up with during said tutorials~ I had a simple figure that started off as a cube (the creature's head, it's an off-centre cube reflected on itself with 2 horns (extruding cylinders) and 2 'fins' (just pulled on 2 vertices)), then mapped a simple premade material to it, followed by turning the object created into an object brush (allows you to place it anywhere) which I then dragged around the scene.
Very simple, very fun, and with rather interesting results to come out of following a tutorial!
Ofcourse, there's still many mistakes in this piece (where is it's tail going?), as such, there may likely be an update of this particular piece shortly.

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