Sunday, 22 May 2011


Finished it! Click to full screen.
Well, the BRINK image is complete, now with a more interesting Founder's Tower and super-cool-textured-colour-effects behind the characters. Also, the green head on the right is meant to be a mask, not an alien head as The Boy presumed.
The colour was achieved by adding in 2 new layers below the image layer. On the lowermost layer, a white-green-blue-white fill effect was used while a pure-white fill was used on the above layer. The erase tool used on the second layer completed the swirling effect. 
The texturing was a simple opacity-and-size-varying wet media white brush dabbed over the colour.

On another note, I found a great stock artist a while ago who goes by the DeviantArt moniker of SuannyStock 
She gracefully allowed me to use some of her stock to create this:

Which received more favorites faster than any other image I've put up on DeviantArt to date!
The erasing-through-the-layers trick was also used here.

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