Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Well, I've been working on trees recently. Surely, the foundation of backgrounds for characters shouldn't be so complicated?
I've been having a bit of trouble getting the level of detail I want in the shading, while trying to avoid painting every individual leaf... Plus I may of completely discarded the rule of thirds in this image giving it a heavy-top feeling.
Overall though, I rather like this image. I got to incorporate the rainbow-bark onto the trees, which, as they're all leaning, I feel give a rather ethereal theme to the image.
Plus, the rainbow flowers in the lower left were enjoyable to draw.
Now, I've been recently thinking more into how to compose a piece as a whole, as such I wanted to create a character with a suitable background. As I wanted to go for a rough piece to practice this, I chose to use one of the 50 female faces I'd already created and do a larger image of it, then draw the background around it. The whole piece is rather rough with poor line art, but overall, I like the composition!
The contrasting colours of the green and orange work perfectly here, with the colour of the background reflected in her yellow eyes. Having the trees expanding away from her contribute to ensuring the scene doesn't appear either too crowded or too sparse, while also drawing the eye to her face.
The power-level horns and rainbow eye-edges were just because I thought they'd look cool.
I was right.

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