Monday, 2 May 2011

Paint with all the colours...

Since I enjoy challenging myself, I decided to try going for a more painted look in Photoshop. Deciding landscapes and backgrounds would be the best place to start with this, I created the above in around 15 minutes with the below image completed in around 45 minutes.

I think the lower image may need more contrast between the foreground and background, and may edit it as such soon. The bottom image was actually completed first, with the idea for the upper image coming from the East-most tree of the three in the foreground.

I also decided to go for a fantasy, rather than realistic landscape here as it allowed for greater artistic license and a wider use of colour. The mushrooms and yellow flowers in the foreground were used to compliment the leaves in the background, while the pinky-red fruits along the lower boughs of the trees were used to contrast the green/blue of the rest of the image and add a level of interest.

On a side note, I've finished pretty much all my university work now. I still have revision to do so updates will still be slow until my exams are finished, but at least I've finished my 15k (words) dissertation!

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