Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fox Hunting

I'm a bit of a fan of dragons taking the shape (partially) of other creatures, lion dragons, unicorn dragons and the like, and with such a similar skull structure I thought a dog-esque dragon would be a nice way to go.

Of course, a regular 'dog' would be very hard to pull off, how to you specify it's meant to be a dog? Furred dragons aren't uncommon, though while I suppose an incredibly mutt-like face, floppy ears or a dog's tail might well work, I decided to go the easily-noticeable route of the fox.

This creature does indeed split at the top of the spine, almost being 2 creatures sharing a single skull. It flies by spinning it's 2 tails in a propeller-like motion, using it's head 'fin' to keep the skull upright.

The idea here, of course, is the 'fox hunter', bearing the traditional (if broken) hunter's horn.

While cruel, it's deemed necessary to keep the creatures away from the Chincharrows!

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