Saturday, 3 September 2011

Molten : Speed Paint

2 'molten' speed painted images based on the same concept, the initial being the smaller thumbnail image with the latter being the base of a future 1080p wallpaper.

I love finding nice palettes to work with! I'm such a fan of this one at the moment, but think I need to increase the yellow to orange contrast on the latter image a LOT before I release the final version.

I may also get rid of the upper lava pool on the latter image due to it rather stealing attention away from the focal point of the image, and making it hard for the eye to be lead around the scene.

It's also a struggle deciding between the overall feeling of the 2 pieces. The first image has a more lazy, rolling hills feel to the piece with the lack of contrast and the stronger light source drowning out some of the features. It's a nice, painted landscape that just so happens to have a lava stream running through it. This feels in start contrast to the much more malicious feel of the second image, with it's dimmer sky creating darker mountains. 

Also, for anyone wondering: I'm STILL working on the pixel brush pack. I've got to the additional items now and am slowly adding more and more pieces to it, however I may release it soon with what there is in it and then release updated versions later with user recommendations.

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