Friday, 16 September 2011

Singed : Witch Doctor Skin

Been playing around with this idea for days now, and I highly doubt this will be the last I post of it!

Basically, the idea began with changing the shield to be a tiki, witch-doctor mask, something I played around with but decided it took too much attention away for something that's always felt like more of a thrown-on item, with the large potion bottle always being the main focus. That in mind, I still loved the wooden feel of the tiki mask to developed it into something less attention-grabbing but still, in my opinion, pretty cool.

Next was trying to bring the theme through the image, so I decided the tribal patterns were the best way to do that. Continuing the pattern through on the shoulder pads and loincloth seemed to be enough to begin with, but I later felt only putting the bandage wrapping on one leg and tribal designs on the other helped the image flow more. Particularly when coupled with the spilled poison from the hand-held bottle.

Little features were added with the help of witch doctor references, like the shrunken skulls adorning the hair, feathers coming up from the neck and top of the chest covered with multiple necklaces rather than bandages (easier to see when coloured).

Finishing it off with a little throw back to another champion (the skull topping the bottle is based of Nunu's brother) and I feel quite happy with this skin design overall! I'm still not 100% happy with the legs/loincloth, and will likely be removing the ram's horns in the next prototype, but I'm liking how the whole idea is coming together. :)

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