Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Created for this month's Dragon Challenge on DeviantArt, which I've linked every month so far so I'm sure you all know where to go for it!

This month was all about colour, so I chose the blue and purple stock to work from and used it as the basis of this piece.

Now, I was very fortunate in that, when I was creating the line art base of this piece, I had on hand some photographs I'd taken earlier in the bird sanctuary area of Gator Land! The parrots in particular had been throwing themselves into some very interesting poses (preening, outstretched wings, etc.) and one was doing a pose similar to this one, though it's head was looking out from under the wing.

Using the parrot photo as a pose idea, I set to work with the blue and purple in mind for the colour set of the dragon itself. Finding a way to incorporate the parrot feeling into a dragon piece was a great challenge, and I believe the wings were an obvious choice, as were the legs, however throwing in a feathered tail end helped bring the whole piece together.

The bright autumn leaves are something I've attempted before : However I feel I was able to get them to look more realistic and interesting this time around.

Plus I'm rather proud of how the tree trunk itself looks! I'm always happy to see myself able to take on challenges and succeed where before it seemed insurmountable.

That's all for today! Wish me good luck in the contest!

Oh, and I'm now 22. :)

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