Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Long Post Is Long

Looks like yesterday was my first double day without posting!

Though I think I deserved a day off, mainly due to an 'event' that occurred yesterday evening.

As you may know, I'm on holiday in Florida at the moment, and we decided to have an outing to Apple-by's as we'd all heard about it but never been.

For the readers from the USA, I won't go too in-depth with an explanation or anything, but to the British readers back home: It's a MUCH better value-for-money Frankie & Bennie's.

Now, at Apple-by's, we didn't realize but they have a free double-up on pretty much any alcoholic drink. As we didn't think this was on EVERY drink when we ordered, we ended up with the equivalent of 8 alcoholic drinks between 6 people. (My dad and The Sister's housemate shared 2 beers and I 'doubled up' my mango mojito (not as good as the original) into 1 MASSIVE one).

You can probably see where this is going.

Basically, one MASSIVE jug-sized cup of mojito, half one of my sister's Daiquiri's and half a regular mojito later, I come home and realize I have around an hour before I want to head to bed.

I think, 30 mins playing League of Legends (3v3) and 30 mins for the blog post should be fine.

Only, well, we all get to level 18 on pretty even footing, with them having taken 3 of our turrets while we've taken 4 of theirs, and we reach a deadlock.

We own the lanes and grind the mobs, but due to their team being better balanced and refusing the push, we all just grind up items for AN HOUR.


Especially in my inebriated state, I just wasn't in the mood. I was very close to just falling asleep on the sofa.

Eventually, they split to cover the lanes, I kill ones side and manage to get their final turret while they're fighting off the other side. They kill me before I get their Nexus down, but it's Gg from there~

I'm sure you all found this epic yarn of my evening last night incredible, however back to the art:


This is the new 'title' image of my portfolio.


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