Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sorry to Dissapoint

I'm afraid it's the end of my Easter holiday, as such the updates will be much more infrequent between now and around the 4th June. I'll obviously still post up any work I am able to complete, but particularly over the next week I'm rather busy with a coursework hand-in, the completion and hand-in of my dissertation, moving back up to university after being home for the holiday, etc.
As this may be the last post for a while, I've decided to give it a slightly different structure. Instead of posting any art today, I've got a brief update on how my job search is going!
Well, while a lot of the larger gaming companies have no concept art jobs available at the moment, a lot of indie companies around England ARE hiring, as such I set off my CV and portfolio to 4 companies yesterday, and was able to have a very informative chat with a concept artist over at Hitgrab, who make my favourite social game on Facebook, 'Mousehunt'.
I'd been a large fan of his art for a long time, so it was an honor to get to speak to him. After asking him a few queries, I was able to find out that, while an Intuos of Cintiq is obviously a more professional set-up, I should be perfectly able to make professional quality work on my little Wacom Bamboo, though ofcourse the higher priced brands have higher pressure sensitivity, as such are likely worth the investment.
He reasserted that being a good artist requires putting a LOT of time in, and drawing at every opportunity, which is something I've heard repeatedly recently and has strengthened my resolve in art. I draw a lot and I enjoy it, and I tend to always have a sketchpad handy, so that should be that point covered!
He's also been working at Hitgrab for 3 years and has always loved his job, which is brilliant to hear. :)
That's all for today, hopefully I'll see you all again soon!

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