Sunday, 24 April 2011

3, it's a magic number

As promised yesterday, here's a collection of scenes, one of which (or a modified version of one) may be used as the background for a computer wallpaper I'm designing for my sister.
There was a lot of playing with proportions and lighting with these, as well as trying to not put too much colour into any individual image. Personally, from how I feel looking at these images, a variation of the lower left is likely to be used. The continuation of the green colour through the scene via the glowing crystals, reinforced by the reflection of the light from the clouds and mountains make this a pleasant scene to look at.

Next, we have some fan art I've been working on:

Hit Girl from Kick Ass, had some fun working on the sky in this piece which makes for a pleasant background to the image without detracting from the subject. The light, pinkish colour has been used to reinforce her youth. I always find leather effects a bit of a trial, and while the multiple creases and folds are interesting to work with, I'm never quite sure how to handle the large, flat regions. I went for a few small folds but mainly worked with a faint light source to reinforce the depth of the character and stop it from looking flat.

And finally, a more realistic piece:

Not based on anyone in particular, but The Boy is always telling me to work with more contrast in my pieces so decided to go all out with this image. I particularly enjoyed lighting the hair (beard and eyebrows) in this piece, as you can probably tell, and I appreciate how much additional depth the bump on the top of the nostril gives to the image.
Happy Easter everyone!

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