Monday, 11 April 2011

Highway to the danger zone

It's the Easter Holidays at the moment and, as such, I've got a lot more free time now than I've been privileged to in the last few months. While I still have a 15,000 word report to write up, I'm already at 9k and am aiming to get 1-2k words per day, which still leaves me with a lot of free time.
As such, I'm trying to get 1 art piece done per day this Easter (where possible, Easter Sunday itself will be excluded, as will one day next week where I'm spending the day with The Steen).

As such, the piece displayed above is yesterday's piece. Over today and tomorrow, I'm planning to turn it into a fully finished concept piece for a dragon-esque throne room. However, as that will be up and posted tomorrow, that leaves me with the image of today.

A small note before I continue: I've joined Sketchoholics, an online community of artists which holds frequent conpetitions, does artist interviews, has a means to promote your artist Youtube channel, and many more features. My username is, as presumed, Krillatron, and today I entered a piece for a competition titled Love or Death.

Some of the other entries had taken a very humorous take on this, some leaving me giggling audibly and earning me an annoyed look from a cat. Others were darker, but I felt some of them didn't take the name of the competition seriously, as such, I decided to create a piece pertaining as close to the name as possible, and went for a Hunchback of Notre Dame piece.

I very rarely play around with tinted line art and, as I'm trying to challenge myself in every piece, decided to revisit it. Personally I think the fire is in the wrong style for the piece, though the fiery-highlights work well in emphasizing the heat of the image.

Backgrounds are always a pain for me (hence the throne room image above, I figure if I design areas then put the characters in them I'll have an easier time then designing a background around a character) and while I feel the background compliments the image here, I think it could easily of been further improved by an image of the bell tower in the background. Perhaps next time...

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