Tuesday, 12 April 2011

War of the Worlds

A bit of background practice, mainly a challenge in lighting, composition and reflective lights and shadows. Am most proud of the upper right image, both the way the light shines off the clouds, and the water pouring off the island.
I thoroughly enjoy doing quick pieces like these, and of course it's good practice on the environment side of concept art.
I actually enjoyed it so much I may well carry on with the same baseline for a future piece, stay tuned!

And, as a treat, the second image of the day, the revamped Dragon Throne Room!

I tidied up the lines, added (a LOT) more depth to the room, modified the chair rather heavily, and added a window on the left, leading out to the world.... recognize it?
I'm not 100% happy with the crack in the wall. I wanted to give the room a partially dilapidated feel (hence the rubble at the floor of the dragon statues) however don't think I pulled off the lighting effect quite correctly.
I always enjoy doing a shiny metal effect though, and the tubes in the dragons mouths are meant to be part of a booby-trap, which would breath fire on any usurpers of the throne.
That's it for today, join me tomorrow for what will likely be character art or a creature!

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