Saturday, 23 April 2011

My apologies (2)

Was worried I'd have to do another of these at some point, but my apologies for not being able to update the past two days, nor will I be able to upload any new art today. I've got a few new pieces up on my deviant art account ( however none of them are really worth discussing here.
I am, however, working on a new landscape piece to be the base of a wallpaper design (desktop, not real walls) for my sister. Some of the colour schemes will be familiar from the other landscape trial piece I did, however I'll be trying out a few new ideas too. Afraid I'm stuck in the idea of floating objects though... they just add so much to a fantasy landscape!
While I've been working on a few pieces of art not worth posting here, the main issue preventing me from uploading and discussing art is my dissertation, of which I'm almost finished with but also quickly approaching the deadline of. With this, on top of the revision I need to do for 2 exams this year, as well as a coursework to finish, I've unfortunately got quite a lot on my plate on the moment.
However, this isn't a blog about complaining, this is a blog about the trials I face attempting to break into the gaming industry.
On that front, I have some news! I've been in contact with 2 recruitment agencies, both of whom have given me contact email addresses of people within the company who seem enthused to help me. Being told you're an ideal candidate is certainly nice to hear this early in the game! I can't really start applying for full time work till after the holiday in September though, but am hoping to get some freelance contracts over summer.
That's all for today, hopefully the landscapes should be up tomorrow!

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