Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A foul fowl...

The culooka bird, a common pet usually owned by the vain. While naturally an unsightly bird, the eggs it lays have a great amount of value due to their brightly coloured shells. Originally, these would be hard boiled then set in varnish to keep their beautiful colours and shine, however this was recently classed under animal cruelty as the closer the eggs are to hatching, the more beautiful they become, and there were increasing amount of cases of the owners waiting till they could hear the live bird inside before beginning this appalling recipe.
The current preferred method is waiting till the eggs have hatched, then carefully piecing the shards of shell back together.

Decided to go for a single, finished piece rather than a bunch of monster sketches today, though can't promise the same for tomorrow. When I was considering what to draw, I was struggling over the ideas of predators vs. prey as that's not what we tend to encounter in daily life, hence going for a pet instead. The large, side-viewing eyes show this creature to be prey, and is a herbivore. A flightless creature, though it's retained it's wings.

The eggs were particularly fun to draw, as was creating the creature in an enclosure surrounded by fencing. It's rather unfortunate I wasn't able to spend more time on this piece, but, well, Portal 2 came out today, and it's time to show a certain special lady some affection.

Game on.

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