Monday, 25 April 2011

It's FASHION, my daaaaaaaaahlings..

All based off the far right template, these designs are a trial-by-fire into costume design for a variety of fantasy characters. While hopefully you can figure out which each is meant to be by yourself, I'll also post the break down of each, from left to right:
  • The Go-To NPC. She'll buy your trash, repair your gear, and give you a variety of smarmy come-backs to any non-business talk you attempt to partake in.
  • The Beauty. She'll walk slowly around the streets in the latest prom-dress design like it's any other day, engaging you in conversation about architecture or the class structure of the city with no thought to the goblins rampaging into the city, nor the blood soaked rapier at your waist.
  • The Weapon. Likely a boss encounter, this mechanized warrior will give you no quarter, as it happens to be what this steam-punk lady runs on.
  • The Environmentalist. Will likely either be running the flower shop or lecturing you about the evils of eating a dragon flank. A truly annoying NPC to come across, especially as you wade through the mountains of dialog to reach the short piece of quest-related information.

That's all for today. At the moment I'm studying a bit of fashion design to get a better idea about silhouettes, unfortunately I've not found much that can be transferred into use in gaming so far but I'll keep trying. The reason for this all being that it's incredibly useful in gaming if the player can recognize the type of enemy they're coming up against from a long way away, particularly if colour can't be taken into account.
Thank you for reading!

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