Saturday, 16 April 2011

That's not a duck.

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Well, I've decided to try my hand at weaponry! 
I decided to go for a 1080p wallpaper here, which gave me a lot more space to work with. I also decided to play around with an idea that's been floating around my head for a while, a series of images linked through a spectrum of colour. I then decided to use the word 'decided' less.

From left to right, we have:

  • A mage staff, the central bar is held which also indicates the current stored 'fire power' (heh). The bottom disc spins to fuel the flame above it which feeds into the central bar, which powers the higher flame which is where the spells originate from. You could probably also whollop someone over the head with the really-hot-spiky end.
  • A mace/axe/pole-arm combo. Two handed, to be held above and below the club-like center. Decided to base this weapon on the idea of a truly 3D weapon, in the sense of being able to attack no matter where the enemy is to you. Are they trying to flank you? Spin around and slice them with the axe! Coming in from the front? Slice through them with the pole-arm! And if they've unfortunately got in too close to be maimed by the axe or pole-arm, give them a whollop with the mace.
  • A compound bow. Not much to say here, The Boy suggested it be dark and spiky so that's what we have. I tried to go for a poison ivy feel, though realize that left me with no-where for the owner to actually hold the bow... Well, the thorned, green and yellow bar 2 parts below the center is meant to be the hold and, as such, we can presume the owner is wearing thick gloves.
  • A halberd! My favorite weapon due to it's ease of use (once you're got the initial momentum you can become a whirlwind of death), it's general look (guards just wouldn't look right in a suit of armor without a halberd) and the amount of design that can go into the head. I've been drawing halberds for years and this one's by far the most... imaginative? It's meant to be an ornate dragon head design with the maw becoming one of the blades and the spikes back of the head being the other side, though the more I look at it, the more it looks like a duck. I'm starting to think that green and yellow were unfortunate colour choices for this one.
  • A water shield! Ignoring for a minute that there's no way to hold onto it or attach it to your body, as the water is suspended in a constantly flowing motion through the shield we can assume it'll magically adhere to the wearer. Now, ignore the fact it wouldn't deflect anything, it looks amazing!
That's all for the day, join me next time for... something I haven't thought of yet!

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