Thursday, 16 June 2011

A blast of the past

Afraid I was working on projects I can't post on here for most of today, combined with going around town handing in CVs, so instead, here's a compilation of characters I designed for a group coursework last year!
It was a project to create a short (less than 5 minutes to play through), educational game to be used in schools to educate people about the options available to them after high school. Ours was the one which relied most heavily on the educational aspects while discarding gameplay, as such we had a simple point-and-click 'RPG' for the students to play through.
The characters to interact with had on-screen sprites, as such:

Which, when you interacted with them, popped up on screen in a Recettear-style so talk to the player.
(Not all at once!)
As 24 characters in total were needed, plus the 2 main characters (1 male, 1 female), these characters were edited to create multiple other NPCs in order to save on workload. The only character which was only used once is the second from the right, who was created near the finale of the cycle and saved me from going mad while I was working on the pixel art for the rooms.

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