Sunday, 5 June 2011

Quldn't quait for quis quone!

[Click for full size: 1080p]
Sorry for the long wait between posts! Between exams and playing games because I've now finished my exams, I've not had as much time for art as I'd like, however I've been rectifying this!
As such, I present you with the female Qunari!
As you can probably tell, one of the games I've been glued to as of late has been Dragon Age 2. I've been putting off playing it as I knew I'd go full swing into it as soon as I started it up and, indeed that has been the case. However, after playing it for around 3 days straight (I'm not even sure any more) I've taken a break in order to get back to The Plan and produce this!
It took me two days, but I'm very happy with the result, and believe this to likely be my best piece yet. As such, and because it took so long to complete, I've included a guide to it's creation which you  can view below, but before we get into that, a few things about this piece:
  • It began as a 3cmx5cm sketch in my notebook as the bottom image (you'll see in the walkthrough)
  • I cumulatively used more techniques on this piece then I've ever done before
  • After I've finished typing up this blog post, I'm going to do a WoW raid then disappear back into DA2 for the rest of the night
Hope you enjoy this piece, feel free to use it as a wallpaper, it's 1920x1080, or re-size it yourself for other resolutions.
Now, onto the walkthrough!

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