Tuesday, 28 June 2011


So! I've been revising a forum I used to frequent, GaiaOnline, mainly playing the mini games (I'm addicted to Tiles and Word Bump at the moment :<) and today decided to wander around the art forums, and found a few requests going, as such, I managed to sell a few pieces today!
They're all in styles I've already done, but it was great to try drawing a new character in a style I'm familiar with! I spent around 30-45 minutes on each.

"American Dad" Style

"Graffiti" (unshaded anime) Style

"Anime Headshot" Style

"Shaded Anime" Style

It was certainly an interesting challenge, particularly as I hate drawing hoodies! I usually end up drawing them either too close to, or too far away from where they should actually sit on the head. ><

Also, I really enjoy drawing the American Dad style! Tell me if you want one done and I'll add it to my list, as long as you don't mind it being posted on here!

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