Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mini Games

The annual Summer Steam Sales started today! I've been making do with flash games for the past few weeks (WoW hasn't been able to hold my attention) due to waiting for this, and I plan to make the most of it now it's out!

I've been particularly into games from Hitgrab, Gaia and OMGPOP recently~ With MonsterHunter (Gaia/Facebook crossover game taking up most of my day today), I was planning on going into the city to hand out more CVs but I'm afraid my feet are covered in blisters after being escorted around by The Boy for yesterday afternoon.

I did, however, go out for a celebratory meal and drink with my mother, mother's best friend and mother's best friend's daughter (one of my close friends from primary school/high school/college), for which I drank far too many alcoholic beverages and ate particularly delicious lobster raviolli~

But I digress!

Today, I tried taking my art-style-studies one step further by tasking myself with drawing in the art style of one artist in particular, today's being Patrick Brown.

Now, Patrick Brown is my second favorite artist anywhere (with my favorite being Genzoman), and I've been mesmerized by his dynamic, powerful style for a long time, though for about as long as I've known of him, I've felt that I'm not good enough to replicate his amazing works.

You can find out more about him here:

However, I'm aware you don't get better if you don't reach outside your comfort zone, and I think I've been trying enough new styles recently to think I can achieve, at least, a noticeably similar style to Patrick Browns and, as such, I present, Nico Bellic!

I particularly enjoyed working on the unique shading style he uses, thanks to finding a walkthrough he made online:

My WIP of this piece:

With the source image ofcourse~
And finally, when I'd almost finishes the lineart, I'm afraid I got bored...And so, while keeping the face the same, I turned it into a self portrait!

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