Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I'd be a horrible lazy person

I always have to be achieving something.

Well, I went for my interview today! It went very well, I answered all their questions fully and without hesitation, chatted to a few of the employees while waiting for my interview beforehand, made sure I looked smart, etc.etc. I won't hear till tomorrow evening if I got the job, but I'm holding out hope.

Which leaves me in an awkward position right now... This would be an idea job, it's well paid with flexible hours in a friendly atmosphere. As such, I've been putting off any further job search till I've heard back from them tomorrow. Which basically means I've got nothing to do tonight...
I've played some games (Warcraft for the first time in a week, HOARD till it crashed out and a few flash games), done some art (

), chatted to people, watched TV (The Apprentice was particularly good tonight. Yes, French people DO love their children) and done some odd jobs around the house.
But I'm still left with the damning sense of unease! I want to be working, I would love to be bringing in some money from a job I enjoy to spend on the art materials and kindle I want to buy. But I can't. At least, not right this second.

So! I'm going to spend my night reading up on tutorials to drawing realistically, I did this piece with no preparation but, as I'm planning to do this more often, feel I should probably learn a bit more about the tricks of this specific area of the trade.

(Also, with the eagle piece, I decided to stop here as I've been eying up doing some other fur/feather types on future pieces and want to spend time learning how to do that, while the rest of this image would all be the same long-white-feathers as found on the back of the head, on the right)

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