Monday, 20 June 2011

Sketch Dump

[Click for full view]
Afraid it's just a sketch dump for today, I began on the lower right image as a re-do of a picture I did last year:
But then I got bored... Then I tried drawing some more hands, and then I got bored... And then I started playing around with weightings and balance, and just went from there. 
I'm trying to draw more males but I still find females much easier to draw. I may of mentioned before but it's a thought that females can draw females better while males draw males better. Whether this is to do with the female eye preferring S-curves over males or just having yourself as a point of reference I'm not sure, but it's certainly something I want to try to break out of the habit of.
Afraid I can't predict at all what I'll be posting tomorrow. I've been meaning to draw another monster for a long time so that may well be what you get! But I'm off shopping tomorrow afternoon and have some work to do, plus I may well play around with 3DSMax again (if I do, anything I make I'll post on here).
On a side note, I'm unrelentingly getting more views each successive month, so would like to say thanks to everyone who's reading this blog and apparently telling other people about it! It's great to know people are finding this blog interesting, and hopefully not just another thing clogging up their Facebook feeds!

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