Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I'm hungry...

[Click for full size]
After a long day of traipsing around town, I came home and remembered my muse from yesterday. You see, myself, The Boy and one of my university friends played through the new, still-in-beta level in Left 4 Dead 2, an interesting level with cool mud-men special infected, a Mario-esque tank-at-the-top-of-some-ladders, and a lot of slogging around in water.
But it also featured some of the ever-impressive Valve movie-poster art! I've always been a fan of the style they portray in these and wanted to try it out for myself, and, as such, the resultant above image occurred.
Hope you enjoy it! Now I'm spending my evening raiding on Warcraft and doing some pieces for a project I'm working on with some people from university.

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