Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I averages 70.5% for my most recent year of university, meaning I got a first overall for the year! I'll be graduating with a very high 2:1, so am very happy with the results overall.

On another non-art note, I went out with The Boy this afternoon and we visited a Japanese restaurant for lunch, which did Teppanyaki, where they cook the meal infront of you while throwing around knives and the like. The Boy ordered duck and salmon done this way while I ordered sushi (which was delicious, and came with caviar! always a nice surprise) . The 'show' was amazing! We were the only people in the restaurant (a late Wednesday afternoon, rather expected) and the guy played everything up very well, including letting me nab a few cooking tips (salmon seared in soy sauce and butter is AMAZING). Great experience!

And later I got a Krispy Kreme donut, just to keep you totally up to date on what I ate today, but I digress~

Anyway, art-wise, I did some work last night which I finished off today which was to do chibi versions of the 4 main dragon types mentioned in the Harry Potter books, as such I present:

Common Welsh Green

Swedish Short-Snout

Hungarian Horntail

Chinese Firebolt

Rather took my artistic license to town with these, particularly on the wings... But still, lookie how cuuuuuuuuute :P
(You can probably tell I had the most fun with the Short-Snout)

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