Sunday, 3 July 2011

60 seconds

Restricted myself to 60 seconds per 'scene' here, which is damningly hard!
I went into this with some general ideas, blue = water or sky, green = forest, etc. but when you've been madly trying to cram all your ideas in as fast as you can it's hard to change your frame of mind so quickly to another type of scene.

To help get through the process, I began with just using the rule of thirds and later decided doing a general shape and sticking with it was the way to go. This is most noticeable on yellow through to dark blue, with a straight line -> circle -> 'S' curve -> circle -> triangle being most prominent on these.

The width and thickness of line were generally used here to denote depth, though sometimes used to exaggerate features within the image.

That's all for today! Though as an added extra, I've compiled my favorite dragons into a single image!

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