Friday, 15 July 2011

Ahm Bloo

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Been on a bit of a background-binge recently. Rather down to finding a palette I adore and not feeling like giving it up just yet...

Anyway! If you've seen many of my previous scenery pieces, I'm rather fond of the idea of floating islands, particularly those with water cascading off them. It's a neat little idea (I think!) as it firmly sets a piece in a fantasy setting and allows me to play around with water effects.

As you can tell from these pieces, I've been trying out a new painted-style using a soft round brush on wide spacing with very low opacity (something I usually struggle with, but it's essential to keep the opacity low in order to keep your image from looking too flat) and long, sweeping strokes mixed with hard spots.

One of the main issues I've encountered with this set is in the second piece, imagining we're looking at this scene through a camera, both the foreground and far background are blurry, assuming a mid-range focal point. However...there just isn't one. There was nothing on the original piece I did to work with so I was left with a horrible unfinished feeling over the second piece. I'm rather tempted to re-do the second image, moving another of the floating islands closer to be within the shot so we can use that as our focal point, however it looks like I'm going to be very busy from now until next Wednesday so we'll have to see what happens!

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