Friday, 29 July 2011


Blitz Games Studios is an indie gaming company in England who produce pretty amazing games. If nothing else, the pure variety of games they produce is stunning, to the point of them needing multiple games divisions. Personally, I'm rather drawn to this company as I love the idea of such a huge variety of talent converging in one place, and who knows, perhaps one day I'll be a part of it?

As such, I've created a bit of fan art for some of their games :3 The top piece is for Dead to Rights - Retribution, a solid third-person action game with some pretty amazing concept art, go check it out for yourself! It's just so damn...powerful.

Then we have two games from Blitz's Arcade Game division. Clover, which has a lovely, almost Garfield-like feel to the character art, a puzzle-solving platformer, which was actually created by the smaller gaming company, Binary Tweed, who are associated to Blitz through their stellar 1up program, which helps to fund up-and-coming developers.

Last up is an elephant avatar for Encleverment Experiment, a great fast-paced multiplayer game which rewards noodles for your...noodle... for beating your friends at reflex and memory tasks.

The first 2 pieces are also "inspired" (liiiittle bit vain) by myself, with the latter, well, you can pretend it was also inspired by myself if you want to be mean, but really I just asked The Boy to name a few animals and see what he came up with that wasn't already in the game. :)

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