Saturday, 2 July 2011

A little bit of everything

Killer concubine's with killing nails.
Well, I wanted to do some clothing design, some "creature" design and work on outlines.

As I may of mentioned before, the outline of a character is incredibly important. There's a large amount of biological reasoning behind this, which I won't go into here but generally comes down to humans (and animals!) percieving certain shapes and movements as a threat, with the essence of the threat being based on the, well, shape and movement.

Personally, I'm terrified of spiders. Their little spawns of satan who scare me more than anything else I've met so far on this planet. I literally cry and leave the room. And it's part of this which inspired me! Oddly enough~

You see, I've always been of the firm belief that the reason spiders scare me so much is that their legs reach me before their body does. Sounds...odd and a little mental, I know, but it's true. It doesn't help that I don't see the leg as an extension of the being, to me that leg is a weapon to touch me and make me cry. And no matter what I do to the leg, it won't hurt the main threat, the spider itself. Nonsense, but that's the feeling. I have a similar reasoning as to why I find people with swords scarier than people with badass kung-fu skills. At least when people come at me, arms flailing, I know if I was covered in spikes (this is actually how my mind works) I'd be fine. A sword/halberd/morning star/etc? Jokes on me.

So! I took this idea and extended it into killer-sharp nails on a concubine, adding the layer of fear in that a concubine is a woman who you will usually be alone and intimate with. Much like the FEAR franchise, along with Alice: Madness Returns, Naughty Bear and many others, we're taking the idea of something deemed safe and making it threatening. Another reason why the outline is so important in this piece.

To sum up? First glance: Lovely lady in a pretty dress, with flashing eyes and an 'interesting' headpiece. But then you wonder about the nails-on-a-chalkboard sound you can hear. As soon as you notice her fingernails dragging across the floor the image takes on a whole new shape, one by which you need to get close to the opponent in order to attack it that, while somehow staying out of reach of the "claws".

Very much a Dante's Inferno encounter, as opposed to Warcraft. A lot of the fear is taken away when you stand in the hitbox and hammer 2, as per usual.

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