Sunday, 31 July 2011

A series of fortunate events

 I've been drawing a lot of chibis and other block colour images recently and feel a little out of practice with other types of art, so I started sketching out some 1 inch poses and recreating them as rough full size versions, then I moves onto just drawing hands and legs:

As you can see, inspiration struck as I started fleshing out some of the images! As such, there's an image in my gallery I've been wanting to recreate for a while...

It was the first image I experimented with (extremely) curly hair, which then became a bit of a theme of mine for a while... Green! Purple! Copper!

As such, I began recreating this piece, with one of the first things I worked on being, you guessed it...

The lovely curls! I chose this particular bit to focus in on as it shows that I FINALLY found a way to end the curls! All of these the end curls are curling inwards, however some (one, the upper right one in the next image) curl out.

I also did all this from memory, so when I went back to the face I realised it looked a bit... bland and unrealistic. So I got a lovely reference image from [here] and the following occured!

The left is the reference, the right is the original, and the middle is the recreated face using the reference. As The Boy states, she finally looks more 'chocolate' than 'cocoa'. In general I softened the features, made the eyes smaller and less anime-esque, brightened the lips, changed the skin tone and reshaped the nose.

Thanks to anyone who read this all the way through!

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