Thursday, 21 July 2011

Just got back from an important internation business meeting at McBurger

No walkthrough today I'm afraid, I got incredibly side-tracked with other very important international business meetings.
However, I managed to get this done, along with another character design for the group project I'm working on, so a rather successful art day!

I also created this while sketching out stuff, but can't decide on a hair style:
Going along with the Soothsayer image theme, I'm rather enjoying using just lighter and darker tones on a neutral background at the moment.

I also checked out Zero Punctuation's review of F3AR (FuhThreeUr) today, which I'm hoping beyond hope isn't as ghastly a single player as he's making it out to be, and noticed something a little odd..

She's been getting closer with every sequel!
If it's intentional (which I believe can be heavily presumed in this case) when it's a very interesting idea, if rather reminiscent of the Mr. Men books when, if you bought the entire collection, had a picture of one of the Mr. Men on the side. Either way, the slow approach of Alma till she's finally right infront of you seems a very fitting end for this incredible series, which has kept me on the edge of my seat (of stoic in the middle of the floor, depending on if I was playing it on my PC or PS3) for quite a few years now.

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