Friday, 8 July 2011

Mobile Phone Wallpapers

On my Facebook page ( I've was asking people for their native resolutions to get a good idea what the majority of people use, mainly because I use a 1080p screen and so tend to design wallpapers for this resolution (I use a rotational wallpaper system and currently have 5 of my own pieces displaying on my laptop, kiiinda vain ><), however I've been wanting to branch out for a while and this seemed an idea way to do it.

As such, I was requested to create a mobile phone wallpaper, after a quick search for the native resolutions I was able to create this! I had a 15% opaque black box on a separate layer placed over this piece so I could see what the user could see (it's for a HTC phone where the wallpaper scrolls left and right slightly, so I generally kept the box central to see what the main image would be, as such when loaded onto a phone this image will show most of the tree though will be coming from the right-hand side of the screen, and must be panned to the right to reveal the rest of it's shape. I felt this slightly off-center nature would work well with the idea of panning across the image and 'discovering' more of it, as opposed to having a static image in the center and nothing on either side).

I used a technique I'm sure you're familiar with if you've been following my work, in that I did 2 gradient layers and erased one to reveal the other to get this effect. The detailing around the tree was on yet another layer, which I achieved by selecting the tree, expanding the selection by 3 pixels, making a new layer beneath the tree layer and putting a blue to red gradient over this aswel..

That's all for today! I'm getting ready for my graduation tomorrow (getting ready tomorrow, not graduating tomorrow, as my graduation's on Wednesday~) but will still post something up!

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