Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The first-person biography.

[Click for full size: 2560x1440]
[Blarg version]

Well, it's a massive image today! Still not quite the finished state, but much closer than it was yesterday, and I rather enjoyed doing the overhanging grass. 
As for the filtered version, weeeeell... I much prefer the original, I'll leave it at that!
As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be adding characters to it tomorrow, plus some..rocks? I think rocks. To force the perspective more. I rather wanted to add a funky tree, but I don't think it'd really fit with the style of the scene.
It also looks like I may just be getting a Cintiq and new monitor 

Also, on a side note I'm graduating with a first-class degree next Wednesday! And went to an interview today which I'm pretty sure I aced, as I'm doing a follow-up-interview-slash-2-hour-on-the-job-trial sometime either late this week or next week. Everything's looking up!

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