Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sometimes, just sometimes

Sometimes, it's nice to stare at things in the distance.
Extremely far away things like clouds are a tad boring, they have no detail.
Coming a bit closer, like the objects at the end of a road, are rather more pleasant as you can start to make out the definite shapes of trees and homes.
Perhaps 30 meters away? I can see all the individual leaves on a tree. I can't make out the finer details, but compared to the green blob that forms when I remove my glasses, it's surprising pleasant.
Now, 10 to 15 meters away is probably my favorite distance. I can see pretty much all the details of leaves, can follow the path of small insects flying around the bushes and plants, and I can see my cat clearly escaping out the house and across the road.
Around 1 to 2 meters away, it starts feeling...Well, it starts feeling like work. I can take in almost every minute detail of my Alienware backpack on the floor nearby, every piece of dust on the alien skull and see where the light is more heavily reflecting off the heavy duty fabric up to my eyes.
And then we get to 30 centimeters away, approximately the distance the monitor is away from my face. This is the distance my eyes are focusing at for around 90% of my waking day, sometimes more, rarely less.
Then I remove my glasses, and around 5 inches away from my face is the sweet spot. Where my vision begins to blur.

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