Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fast as ass

Gradient (Circular) -> Select lower half -> Perspective to make wider -> Black line across middle -> Make it bumpy! -> Select lower half again -> Filter -> 'Ripple'

And that's how you do a 2 minute landscape.

NOW! Still fast, but some 'actual' art:
A quick little commission for a lass over at GaiaOnline. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to post today that took more than 15 minutes due to working for quite a few hours on a piece I won't be posting! I may post components of it but the full, finished piece will never appear on this blog I'm afraid. :<

Also, yesterday this blog reached 2,000 hits! I've more than doubled my reader base every month this blog has existed so far, but I'm particularly pleased with this news! Particularly as exceeded the amount of views my DeviantArt account has, which I've had for around 3 times the length.

Overall, thank you all for watching and I hope to be posting something a bit more entertaining tomorrow!

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