Monday, 18 July 2011

My Mini Project part 2!

The card game is fully functional now! Well, minus actually winning the item, but the game part is playable! I'll still be adding a few things to it, like randomized positions for the cards and perhaps the timer will play a part in it, but for now the basic logic is there!

The lower right card if the 'item to be won' card, which will display an item (eventually!) that will be added to your inventory.

I was careful with the colour choices on these, I decided I definitely wanted to go for a strong red/gold contrast for the backs of the cards, which I think looks rather stunning when you begin the game, then I needed to ensure the cards themselves were different enough, both from the backs and from each other, that you can easily keep the differences in your memory. As such, similar shapes are on distinctly different colours to others (the teal and the purple cards highlight this) while most of the other shapes are easy to keep in mind when searching (circle, half circle, square, etc.).

On a side note, I've broken a toe! I was walking (dancing) out of the living room and bashed my foot on a footstool, hurting 4 toes and breaking one of them. I WOULD post a picture, but that would be simply too horrifying..

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