Thursday, 14 July 2011

Holiday in 6 weeks

I'm going on holiday to Florida in 6 weeks! I'm off with my immediate family, The Boy and The Sister's Roommate. We'll be there for my birthday aswell, so should have some great times ahead!

However, this DOES schedule the beginning of the end, as the day I jet off on holiday will be the last day that this blog will be a daily art blog. I won't be able to keep up with it at all while I'm on holiday, I'm afraid, but while I WILL keep updating it after I return, I doubt it'll be as frequent as I'll be heading fully into trying to get into the world of concept art by then.

On that note, I'm trying to get everything I need to get done, well, done. As such, in the next few weeks you should be seeing a few more 3D pieces, quite a few more backgrounds and scenery pieces, a VERY widescreen wallpaper of Master Chief, perhaps a few more tattoo designs, and anything else I can think of! I still need to work on more weaponry designs, and a few more large, finished pieces.

I've been checking out a lot of online resources recently, and in particular want to share this site with you: It's brilliant for beginners to digital painting, and has a good a reminder of the foundations for others.

On a side note, the interview went well today, and the graduation went very well yesterday, I DID end up tripping up however I managed to do it a good 15 minutes before the ceremony started, so a win there!

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