Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I can't be the only one..

Who noticed this link?
It just... it works. They're both very top heavy, muscular males with wild hair and similar skeletal structures (read: stooped neck). Hell, the very idea of them, a large, furry creature first seen with fear but can speak and possesses a level of decorum viewed beyond his initial appearance.

On the note of the program, I got the card game further today by adding the ability to win items which actually function properly! At the moment, you can win a golden apple (stops hunger from occurring, presumable with the chewing-gum effect, your body believes it's receiving nutrients due to mastication occurring, though you're not actually swallowing much (any?) substance, and a golden brush which stops your pet from becoming dirty.

Tomorrow's task (after volunteering at the CAB and DIAL) is to get transparent PNG images working and to try to randomize the cards!

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