Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Mini Project

Well I've been busy today! I set myself a 12 hour programming challenge which ended up being a 6 hour programming and animation challenge, but I still enjoyed it and am rather pleased with the results I've attained so far!
The initial page:
You may recognize these creatures, I was commissioned to create them a while ago but, since this isn't a commercial project, they'll be the graphics for this project till I expand out into genetic algorithms (that's right, this program will eventually have a breeding mechanism which means I need to create interchangeable body parts rather than pre-set creatures!).
The main game screen at the moment:
Ignore the timer~ Here is where you look after your pet! The final idea is that your pet won't evolve while hungry or dirty, must be 'evolved' (See: Old) in order to breed, and you'll eventually have an item management system on this screen.
The 'Play' aspect related to a card game. Note: 25 cards. This is because the 1 final card is the item you can unlock during the game. To stop this being over-powered, you can't play the game while your pet is hungry or tired, and you have a maximum number of item slots. A lot of the items 'dropped' will be boring but necessary (special food or cleaning items to keep your pet in a 'normal' state for longer), others will be items that grant bonuses to your pet while they're in your inventory (either vanity (sparkles!) or for the game (hints), and then there'll be very rare 'items' of special pets.
You can have limitless pets but can't traditionally adopt any new pets till (all?) your current pets are evolved, and now I realise I'm doing a mix of rambling and giving away all the game :P So, the card game!

And, ofcourse, all the pets are animated:

The truly great thing about this project is that it's so...expandable. I want to keep the core game play simple so users don't feel they're missing out at the start because they don't understand something, but I feel I can really polish this off, continually working on the art, animation and, since it's my own project, I can manage my own level of feature creep!

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