Thursday, 11 August 2011

Back to 'real' art!

Decided to get back to work with some speed painting today! Mapping out basic compositions and colour sets then going to town with lights can be VERY fun, particularly in creating the upper right and lower left pieces! Both turned out better than I expected, but of course they're incredibly rough.

When creating the base colour sets for a piece I tend to drop by, followed by experimenting with gradients (most prominent in the lower right image, using my personal pre-set base for water based images).

After working on these, I was in the mood for creating something a bit more substantial, so I give you 'Cave' (I'm great with names)

Creating the texture of the foreground was very fun, with a LOT of layers accounting for the multitude of effects used. I'm still not quite happy with the water, but I'm happy with how I did the shadows of the cave onto the water at least.

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