Monday, 22 August 2011

In too deep

I play FAR too much League of Legends. Currently, I'm mainly playing as Singed while The Boy tends to play as Ashe. This lead onto a 'DAT ASHE' joke which became a mini comic far too late at night, which was later deleted due to it just being atrocious. However, this image survived and I'm rather happy with it!

I feel the proportions are cute without being chibi, the S-curve through the piece (predominantly through the head, chest and down her right leg, being where the weight is distributed) gives it a nice shape and I think the EXTREMELY simple shading nicely adds a bit of depth to the piece.

The background also turned out as I'd hoped, being an incredibly simple idea but giving a strong sense of there being a full structure there, and showing where the 'wall' stops and floor begins by simply ~not~ drawing anything has come off well!

That's all for today, join me tomorrow for some Game of Thrones art!

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