Saturday, 27 August 2011

Super Steen

As you may know, I pride myself on being able to work in a wide variety of styles. I think it's a great way of proving I have a strong artistic basis is I can study and pick up any style in less than one day, usually on my first attempt, and I also believe it helps my employ-ability, as I will be able to adapt to a company's style as fast as possible.

As such, I found myself at an odds as I realized I hadn't even attempted one of my favorite styles. Bold and dynamic by design with some of the most interesting shading techniques I've ever seen, I'd never tried a traditional superhero comic style!

I decided to opt for the older DC style for this piece, as the newer work is too similar to work I've done before and a lot of their interesting shading has vanished. The posing is as strong as ever, but it's the style itself I wanted to try.

One of the things I had seen, but never really ~noticed@ before, was how the highlights are achieved. A flat, varying thickness white line is used to denote highlights, and to, well, to highlight these highlights, they're surrounded by black lines. This helps really show off the white lights while not being too obtrusive to the rest of the piece, and flows well in the image by being the same type of black shading used elsewhere on the image.

Of course, I made a few mistakes with this piece. The hair isn't in the right style, I couldn't find a good reference picture for glasses on a DC hero, and the cape seems detached from the shoulder at the left side.

Aah well :)

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