Monday, 29 August 2011

Cool shading bro.

Here's a design that's actually been playing around in my head for a little while now. I've always been a fan of intricate designs like this and thought it'd be interesting to have them as part of a fantasy, almost Japanese style dress.

The main thing I wanted to keep in mind was the shape being portrayed, I wanted to capture the feeling of curves and an hourglass figure while not being over sexualized and, of course, keeping everything covered. This is most obvious in the 'tails', the twin pieces of patterned fabric which are attached at the top at the sides of her hips, was are pulled inwards at the back by gold beads to create a soft curve.

It's also prominent in the shape of the waistcoat (not technically a waistcoat as it's a single bodice at the front (not shown) but that's the best way of describing the cut at the back).

Overall, it's a VERY simple image with no real shading but I love the illusion of depth, shadow and of the material I'm using in the very easy 'shading' I did on the patterned parts of the coat.

I've also realized I'm not too keen on the hairpieces. I love the idea of them, particularly in that they match the beading lower down the dress, however I tried to get a 3D effect by having one of the pieces coming out towards the viewer, but with no other real sense of depth in the piece is just goes to make the rest of the image look flatter.

At least I learned!

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